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Desktop Plant Lights


Desktop Plant Light Replacement Lamp

27 Watt Full Spectrum Replacement Lamp (Light bulb)
Only, for The Desktop Plant Light
Price: $29.99


Bulk Packed Intelligent Plant Light

12 count - Intelligent Plant Light
Same as above Bulk Packed
Price: $519.99

Out of Stock


Replacement 9 watt bulb

Intelligent Plant Light Replacent Bulb
9 watt replacement bulb.
Price: $19.99


12 - 9 watt replacement bulb

12 pack of Intelligent Plant Light Replacent Bulbs
Price: $129.99


Intelligent Plant Light

This incredible computer-operated, 9-watt, 1200 lumens, full spectrum flourescent lamp is the answer to all of your indoor gardening needs. An automatic computerized timer turns the lamp on and off, simulating the day length in cycle with the four seasons. The soil moisture sensor eliminates the guesswork about watering. To vary the light intensity or accomodate larger plants, the telescoping stem adjusts from 7" to 14" high. The base of the lamp that holds the pot measures 6" x 7". The textured pebbled base serves as both a catch basin and humidity tray. A wonderful gift to keep Lights thriving whether at home, office, hospital or classroom.
Instructions included.
Grow lamp bulb also included.

Features: • Turns on and off automatically, simulating nature's clock...summer, fall, winter, spring.
• Set the season once and the internal computer begins the daylight cycle.
• A 9 watt full spectrum fluorescent lamp simulates the sun's rays for optimum growth.
• Adjustable stem accommodates plants from 4" to 12" or increases and decreases light intensity.
• Moisture sensor indicates when plant needs water.
• Pebbled base catches water for extra humidity, and keeps the pot from sitting in water.
• Holds pots up to 5 1/2" in diameter.
• Complete instructions.

Price: $69.99

Out of Stock


Desktop Plant Light with Flexible Arm

This 27 Watt Full Spectrum Adjustable Desk Lamp has a flexible arm and a built in trays.
Price: $79.99


Table Plant Growth Lamp

The Plant Growth Lamp is specially formulated to help plants thrive indoors. Garden Club of America award-winner Dr. John Ott developed this technology to provide the benefits of natural daylight, but without the heat, so it won't dry out soil, leaves or blooms. Helps promote root growth and vibrant blooms on flowering plants.

Low heat won't dry out blooms and soil
• Unique lid activates on/off and folds for easy portability
• Includes genuine 13 Watt OTT-LITE Natural Light Supplement© tube - lasts up to 10,000 hours

Unit Dimensions:
Base: 3.50"
Height: 19"
Cord Length: 69"
Weight: 2.85 lbs.
Replacement Bulb: OTL13P
Price: $69.99


Table Plant Growth Lamp Replacement Bulb

Replacement tube for 13 watt OTT-LITE© Natural Light Supplement© Plant Growth Lamps. Specially formulated to help plants thrive indoors. Provides the benefits of natural daylight, but without the heat, so it won't dry out soil, leaves or blooms.
Developed by Garden Club of America award winner Dr. John Ott

• For use only as a replacement tube with specific OTT-LITE© lamps
• Low heat, energy-efficient -- rated to last up to 10,000 hours

Price: $29.99



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