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Purchase Plant Stands and Indoor Gardening Supplies for Less!

Whether your an avid indoor gardener or just starting out, the plant stands and grow lights on our web site will provide you with the tools necessary to successfully grow all kinds of plants indoors. Grow your favorite houseplants, orchids, African violets and more on one of our many grow lght systems, from small starter stands to large multi-tiered units.
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Small Plant stands

Small Plant Stands

Small plant stands are the best solution if you have limited space. Grow any flowering plant in your home, apartment or office. Click here to view all.
Medium Plant stands

Medium Plant Stands

Medium sized plant stands offer the perfect choice for your growing collection of plants. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Click here to view all.
Large plant stands

Large Plant Stands

For the indoor gardener who means business! Most of our large plant stands have four shelves of space capable of housing dozens of plants per shelf. Click here to view all.
  Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs

Not all fluorescent bulbs are created equal. Some types of bulbs are better suited for some plants than others. Please select your bulb category by clicking here.
Clip Lights

Clip Lights

Put clip lights where you need them. Great for areas with limited space. Just clip them in place for a quick and easy light source. Click here to view all.
  Seed starter kits

Plant Pots

Choose from a large and colorful selection of plant pots. Many of our pots are self-watering which help take the guess work out of watering. Click here to view all tents.


Using compost can reduce the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides. Check out our affordable line of composters that makes the whole process simple. Click here to view all.
  LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

Grow more greener when you use LED Grow Lights. LED lights are long lived, efficient, and use less electricity than other forms of grow lighting. Click here to view all.


Put your plant stand on auto-pilot with a state-of-the-art timer. Choose from between manual or electronic devices. Click here to view all.


Our quality thermostats will automatically control a fan system or heater. Essential for anyone growing temperature sensitive plants or to provide a steady growing temperature. Click here to view all.

Heat Mats & Cables

It's a well known secret that using a heat mat will increase the germintion rate of seeds. Use a heat mat if your grow light is cold area of your home. Click here to view all.

Permanest Trays

Permanest trays are made from extremely durable plastic that will last for years. The trays come in a variety of sizes and are an essential part of many of our grow carts. Click here to view all.
Self watering kit

Watering Kits

Watering kits allow you water your plants for up to 2 weeks. Great when going on vacation or just forgetful indoor gardeners! Click here to view all kits.
  Seed starter kits

Seed Starter Kits

Our kits are designed to help you start herbs or vegetables in your own kitchen with a neat little greenhouse. We also sell peat pellets in bulk. click here to view all kits.
Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent Bulbs

These incandescent spot grow bulbs are specifically designed for horticultural usage. They are great for places where you cannot put a large fluorescent fixture. Click here to view all.
  Seed starter kits

Humidity Tents

Humidity tents fit over our larger plant stands for the purpose of capturing the moisture that would be lost through evaporation. Humidity tents are essential for anyone growing plants in a very dry indoor environment. Click here to view all tents.
Eco-Friendly Products

Eco Friendly

Our new Eco-Friendly product line was added for any who wants to minimize their impact on the environment while gardening. Choose from an assortment of products like Coconut Coir pots, Bamboo plant stakes, and more. Click here to view all.
Specials Gallery
Compact Light Cart
# G11A

Price: $199.99
Flora Carts
# BA3-P2

Price: $879.99

# V28F4

Price: $439.99

# SS21K1

Price: $109.99

# FGK20T

Price: $25.99


Price: $120.19
Desktop Plant Lights

Price: $76.99


Price: $208.99
Flora Carts

Price: $1099.99


Price: $1099.99
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