Grow Labs

Happy children gardening together
What if your classroom was alive? With Grow Labs, it is! These exciting and engaging stations offer students everything they need to start or continue their indoor garden. They include stands with lamps, fluorescent bulbs (included), plant trays made from sturdy materials such as metal grid walls that can support heavy pots – even ones filled up on seeds-and timers, so you don’t have an excuse when growing food becomes too difficult without one of these things around anymore because let’s face
The goal here at grow lab isn’t just about teaching kids how much fun growing plants is but instilling a sense of responsibility and ownership. Not only will they get to see their plants grow, but they’ll also be in charge of making sure that they remain healthy and well-tended.

As your students take care of their plants, they’ll also be learning about basic plant biology, botany, and ecology. They’ll understand how important it is to give plants the right amount of water and sunlight, and they’ll see firsthand the effects of neglect or abuse.

With Grow Labs, you can create an indoor garden that’s beautiful, educational, healthy, and sustainable. Your students will be so excited to get started! So why not give it a try?

– Indoor gardens are perfect for classrooms of all ages
– Grow Labs include stands with lamps, fluorescent bulbs, plant trays, and timers
– Students will learn about basic plant biology, botany

Medium Grow Stands



Large Grow Stands



Large Grow Stands