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Seedling Carts

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The Seedling Cart is a great way to start your indoor garden. This cart can grow plants in any size, and it has three adjustable shelves with four trays on each level for twelve total!

With four individual 22 inches by 11 Perma-Nest trays per shelf, removing plants for care and transplanting is easy. The carts measure 74 inches high by 53 long with slides that can be adjusted using knobs at either end of the light fixture; they’re perfect if you want a more hands-free option!

With this package, you get everything needed to set up three different light fixtures. There are wheeled stands for easy mobility and maintenance-free design, with Perma-Nest plant trays holding six or twelve bulbs (depending on what type of grower you are). The included 48-inch cord can be attached at either end, so it doesn’t matter where outlets may exist in your home! And lastly, because we know everyone wants their electrical work done quickly without any hassle, there is also an ON/OFF switch next to each fixture that turns them all off when inactive.

Large Grow Stands

Model GA3 – No Lamps


Plant Stands

Model GA3-P2

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Large Grow Stands

Model GA3-P4


Large Grow Stands

Seedling Cart Model GA4-P2