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Indoor Gourmet Salad Garden Kit


Each Full Kit Includes:

� Assortment of 12 most popular garden salad seeds Each packet of seed contains much more seed than is needed for the kit. Begin your plants inside and finish outside or plant them outside if desired. All varieties are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) to permit continuous seed replenishment if desired. Includes instructions for planting, and harvesting. � Gourmet Lettuce mix includes exotic lettuce blend: Argula, Mizuna, Tatsai, Endive, Chervil, Radicchio, Kale), Mustard, Swiss Chard, Romaine, Chives, Parsley, Dill, Hamson Tomato, Utah Sweet Spanish Onion, Keystone Resistant Giant Green/Red Bell Pepper, Marketmore 76 Cucumber.
� Package of 50 Jiffy� Peat Pellets
� The convenient, no-mess way to start seeds.
� Just add water – pellets expand to form pot and soil in one.
� Canadian sphagnum peat moss provides a rich, high quality growing environment.
� Transplant directly into the ground or larger containers-minimizes transplant shock and root damage.
� Greenhouse Dome and Black Tray- Measures 12″ x12″ x 5″ and provides the perfect growing environment for your new herb seeds. Made from recyclable plastic. Reusable.
� 1 Comprehensive Instruction Sheet- Easy to understand and follow.

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