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Desktop Plant Light with Flexible Arm – Black


Our PL2 Desktop Plant Light with a flexible arm is the perfect multi-purpose growing solution. The flexible neck is very adjustable and can accommodate plants as tall as 15 inches high. Model PL2 can be used to start seeds, grow small potted plants of all kinds like African violets, orchids, cactus’ and even carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps. No matter what you use the PL2 Desktop plant light for, you are going to be impressed by the energy efficient, flicker-free performance for years to come.

A key reason why the PL2 Desktop plant light is effective has to do with the high-quality light output of the fluorescent bulb. The 27 Watt daylight spectrum bulb is a wonder of modern technology that mimics natural daylight. Here are some of the bulbs key features and benefits:

• Natural daylight spectrum
• Optimum light for healthy plants
• Bright true colors and high contrast
• Easy on the eyes
• 6000-hour lifespan

Tech Specs:
Height adjusts between 15″ and 25.5″
6-foot power cord
Base Size: 9.6″L x 7″W
Head Size: 9.5″L x 5.75″W x 1.75″H

Q. How long does the bulb last?
A. The 27 watt daylight spectrum bulb has been rated to 6000 hours.
Q. Which replacement bulb does the PL2 Desktop Plant Light take?
A. Please use the 27-watt daylight spectrum replacement bulb you can find by clicking here.

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