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Model GA4P4LED


The GA4P4LED Full-Size Seedling Cart Plant Light is an excellent growing solution for any plant, flowering or non-flowering. The GA4P4LED cart can accommodate a large collection of plants, whether African violets, orchids, succulents, or even carnivorous plants between the four shelves that use a combined total of sixteen very powerful 14 watt, 4-foot long LED tubes. With an impressive 5000K per LED tube, any houseplant collection is going to thrive using the GA4P4LED grow light. This unit is extremely energy efficient using up to 56% less energy than if you were using standard fluorescent tubes. While these LED tubes cost more money than regular fluorescent bulbs, the extra expense in buying LED’s pales in comparison to the 50,000-hour average lifespan of these bulbs. Think about that for a second. If you kept these LED grow lights on 16 hours per day, 365 days a year, these LED tubes would last an astonishing EIGHT years or longer!

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