Simple Garden Planter Jr


This 4″ Planter has you need to start your own herb garden.

Designer colors: The Simple Garden Junior comes in 9 designer colors to accent your home.

Self Draining: The Simple Garden Juniors self draining system helps protect against over watering. Expandable: As your herb garden grows, more planters can be added, decorate your kitchen, window sill-anywhere.

Just add water: The Simple Garden Junior comes with the planter, seeds (basil), soil, planting template and a planting guide.
• 100% natural eco-friendly growing medium made from renewable coconut coir fiber provides all the nutrients for your new garden.
• Planting Guide: The Simple Garden’s planting guide provides step by step instructions to optimize your square foot garden.

Eco-friendly: Because it’s made from 100% recycled plastic.

Single or Triple: The Simple Garden Junior is available with a single planter and tray (this page), or 3 planters and a tray (SGJR3).

Dimensions: 3″ High x 4″ Deep/Wide

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