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Soil Mates – Companion Planting for Your Vegetable Garden


By Sara Alway
with Kelle Carter
5-1/2 x 7 in; 128 pp;
ISBN 9781594744457
ISBN10 1594744459

Soil Mates
Just like people, plants search far and wide for perfect companions—their soil mates are special plants who bring out their best traits and keep bad influences away. And it’s our job as gardeners to help these lovelorn veggies find each other.

In this charming guide to companion planting for all your vegetable-garden favorites, you’ll learn why Broccoli loves Rosemary and whether Potato + Corn = friends with benefits. (Just watch out for Celery! “Leggy and leafy, she is notoriously easy-going and will happily settle down with just about anyone, raising a ruckus in your raised beds.”) Complete with 20 pairings, full plant information, tasty recipes, and more, Soil Mates is the perfect partner for your horticultural matchmaker.

Sara Alway is a graphic designer who believes in sustainable agriculture. She lives in Ohio, where she tends her own garden of happy soil mates.

A former farm specialist at Seeds of Change, Kelle Carter manages her own market garden and CSA in Colorado.

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